Dearest Prayer Friend, 


**SECOND COMING: Are you also looking forward to the second coming of Jesus Christ? Are you also praying with someone, like Shai and myself pray, " Lord Jesus, please come soon!!" We are grateful that our parents are in heaven, also our only daughter... that they are safe from the stress and sorrow of life including this current epidemic!

** INTERCESSOR: Thank you for being a pillar of rock, our sincerest prayer partner, in these uncertain times! It is a gift from the Father's heart! THANK YOU! 

**  LIBRARY:  Architect Wim Swart and team did a phenomenal job to install the whole of  Emmanuel Library's shelves within 3 to 4 days instead of 10 days! They are honouring our student team who worked hard and continuously along with them! I wish you can see how beautiful it looks!! 

** BRAAI: We had a delicious braai under the Prayer tree with the team..... People who gave their time, money, fuel and effort, deserve our highest praise and the Lord's most decorated crown of gratitude!! 

** FIRST YEARS ARRIVAL: They are arriving one by one. Today a third year arrived.... with bright eyes and a passion in his heart. Thank you for persevering in prayer with us in getting them here!! Thank you for believing that everyone will get someone to support them... and also a few new countries!!!

** BBM TEAM WORK: We are very proud and thankful towards the student team under the leadership of  Aaron Chomo, our SC Chairman who did maintenance  and repair work all over the terrain! 

**"EXECUTIVE  COMMITTEE"! We are thankful that all six Executive Committee members are now home, here in the Valley of Mercy.... Some are still under quarantine.... 

** SPITTING COBRA ATTACK : Our dear, beautiful German Shepherd's right eye came under attack of a spitting cobra. Elreza could not keep her tears from falling. It looked as though the eye had been been lost, but the vet's medication saved it! 

** LETTERS: Will you join us in prayer that the churches who received a letter regarding the earnest request to sponsor ONE student for R7000 p.a  will bear fruit?  We still believe that there are people with open hands and soft hearts!! 

** WALKING ON WATER....@Back to the Bible Mission" our book with wonderful photos should be ready at the end of the month for printing. Will you pray with us? May the Kingdom of heaven expand through this book! 

Sleep well and relax in the arms of the Father! 

 Shai and Elreza Mulder  and the arriving BBM family from all over!


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